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All-in-one hashtag management tool for content creators

TagHost as a comprehensive solution that streamlines the hashtag process while empowering content creators to maximize their online presence. Through intuitive features and user-friendly design, TagHost offers a seamless platform for discovering, organizing, and tracking hashtags across various social media platforms. With its robust functionality and innovative approach, TagHost empowers content creators to optimize their reach and engagement, allowing them to focus more on what truly matters—their creative journey.

In today's digital landscape, hashtags play a crucial role in reaching the right audience and boosting content visibility.

Pain Points
Managing and utilizing hashtags effectively can be a time-consuming and overwhelming task.

Target users
Super Micro-Influencer

Mobile, Pad/Tablet

User Journey
Collecting Hashtag      ︎︎︎
Posting               ︎︎︎
Unable to collect the favorite hashtags directly on mobile
Notes is not a place to manage your hashtags
No feedback of your posted hashtags

HMW help users be able to copy hashtags on mobile directly?
What is the easiest way to manage hashtags?
How to provide feedback of each hashtag?


  • Extract hashtags used in an Instagram post (or even the comments) through its link
  • One tap to import your own hashtag collection from notes

  • Save your favorite hashtags in different folders

  • One tap to copy hashtags you want to use to social media. No more manual input or misspelling

  • We provide the most meaningful data about your hashtags to help you gain more audience: 1. Total number of posts of each tag. 2. The trend of the post growth

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