Case Study 

Bloomberg Professional App

Designing an advanced economic calendar with seamless sync and scalability

The Bloomberg Professional App offers financial professionals a comprehensive solution for accessing top-notch news, data, and analytics. Designed to provide uninterrupted access from any device and location, this app ensures a seamless and personalized experience.

What I did
1. Leadership and Collaboration
  • Led a team of talented visual designers and developers in the development of 13 projects within the Bloomberg Professional App.
  • Collaborated closely with the visual designers and developers to ensure effective coordination and successful project execution.

2. Innovative Economic Calendar Design
  • Pushed the boundaries of business requirements by designing and implementing an Economic Calendar within the app.
  • Developed three distinct views (Monthly, Weekly, and Daily) to provide users with customized and flexible options.
  • Enhanced user experiences by tailoring the calendar to meet their specific needs and preferences.

3. Seamless Data Synchronization
  • Addressed the challenge of data synchronization between the mobile app and the Terminal.
  • Successfully implemented solutions that enabled seamless integration and exchange of data between the two platforms.
  • Ensured that users could access and update information effortlessly, regardless of their chosen device.

Project Brief
The project focuses on enhancing the Bloomberg Professional App by introducing a new feature: an Economic Calendar specifically tailored for the iPhone and iPad platforms. The goal is to empower users with timely insights on economic events and enable them to set alerts to stay informed when new events are published. The addition of this feature aims to further enrich the user experience and provide valuable real-time information to financial professionals.

The Challenges
  1. Aligning with Redesigned Global Navigation: Coordinating the UX experience of the Economic Calendar with a separate team's redesigned global navigation, while ensuring scalability for future updates.

  2. Managing Large Data Sets: Effectively presenting a significant amount of data, especially when multiple events occur on a single day.

  3. Syncing Desktop and Mobile Experiences: Achieving seamless synchronization between the desktop and mobile versions of the Bloomberg Professional App for consistent functionality and data coordination.

Target users
Financial related

App Platform

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